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Wayfinding Through the Storm

In  Wayfinding through the Storm, more than 150 voices—young students, venerable alumni, movers and shakers, average folk, novice and seasoned teachers, Native Hawaiians, kama‘aina and fresh faces from abroad—share their experiences of the 1990s Bishop Estate controversy. This is the human story of a crisis that erupted at Kamehameha Schools in the 1990s and came … Continue reading Wayfinding Through the Storm

Judge Sam King

Sam King enjoyed all the impressive trappings of a federal judge—the JD from Yale, the baritone voice, the black robe, the highest seat in the courtroom, bailiffs and clerks doing his bidding. Yet what people noticed most about him was that he genuinely cared about people. King acknowledged everyone he met, civic and business leaders, … Continue reading Judge Sam King

No Footprints in the Sand

The sand beach that stretches nearly a mile beyond the Kalaupapa wharf was always laid smooth by the tide. Hansen’s disease plays havoc with feet, ulcerating them, crippling them. Such feet walk poorly. And in sand they cannot walk at all. Most patients in Henry’s time left no footprints in that golden sand. When Henry … Continue reading No Footprints in the Sand

My Name is Makia

Diagnosed with Hansen’s disease (leprosy) at the age of twelve and exiled to the remote settlement of Kalaupapa, Moloka‘i, Makia Malo lost his hands, his feet and his eyesight over the years—but never the vision or spirit that have made him a celebrated storyteller and poet. In My Name Is Makia: A Memoir of Kalaupapa, … Continue reading My Name is Makia

Don’t Look Back

Pele in therapy. Maui as superhero. The cannibal king O‘ahu Nui in a world of shady deals and political corruption. The star-crossed naupaka lovers as Honolulu high-school sweethearts. In this one-of-a-kind anthology, old meets new as Hawai‘i’s best writers, including Ian MacMillan, Maxine Hong Kingston, W.S. Merwin, Victoria Kneubuhl, Alan Brennert and more, present favorite … Continue reading Don’t Look Back

The Hawaiian Survival Handbook

Maybe you’ll never have to fight off a wild pig or find water in the wild. Maybe you’ll never need to survive Hawai‘i’s tropical jungle and shoreline. But you never know. The Hawaiian Survival Handbook is a just-in-case bush guide for when things go wrong—from flash floods to shark attacks, from rip tides to box … Continue reading The Hawaiian Survival Handbook